Start Your Wealth Strategy


Reaching Your Financial Goals

We all have goals, big and small, short and long term, but will you have enough money to meet those goals?

Everyone’s goals and objectives and circumstances are different so you will need a very different, personalised financial strategy to the next person.

Your first step in reaching your own financial goals has been made by realising that you need a financial strategy to guide you through your financial journey.

Valuable Information For A Valuable Strategy

When you commit to building your financial strategy, your personal financial adviser will connect with you and guide you through the process.

Your first step is the information gathering section of Your Wealth Strategy where you will gain knowledge allowing you to confidently speak with, and understand suggestions and recommendations your financial adviser may make along the way.

By providing the necessary background information you are assisting your financial adviser to understand your current personal and financial situation and what your financial goals entail.

What Your Wealth Strategy Will Look Like

The valuable result of this financial-fact-gathering process is to provide your financial adviser with all the necessary information needed to prepare a detailed Financial Strategy, personalised for you, including the following:​

  • Your Goals
  • Your Risk Profile
  • Your Spending Strategy
  • Your Debt Strategy
  • Your Insurance Strategy
  • Your Superannuation Strategy
  • Your Investment Strategy
  • Your Estate Planning Strategy