What are the benefits of Your Wealth Strategy VS a Financial Adviser?

Your Financial Adviser is an integral part of Your Wealth Strategy. They review and analyse the information you enter into Your Wealth Strategy, allowing them to build a personalised strategy for you.

By using Your Wealth Strategy, you will be in control of the information you provide your financial adviser. Nothing will be left to interpretation.

You will gain knowledge during the fact-finding process better equipping you to speak with, and understand, your financial adviser.

Your strategic financial plan will be delivered quickly and aligned with your goals and needs.

At every stage you have access to your personal Financial Adviser.

The valuable result of this knowledge-based financial-fact-gathering process is the necessary information for your Financial Adviser to prepare a detailed financial strategy plan, personalised for you. Your strategic plan includes the following:

  • Your Goals
  • Your Risk Profile
  • Your Spending Strategy
  • Your Debt Strategy
  • Your Insurance Strategy
  • Your Superannuation Strategy
  • Your Investment Strategy
  • Your Estate Planning Strategy

Your Wealth Strategy is a plan to achieve your financial goals. To activate your plan, your Financial Adviser can prepare personalised Statements of Advice reports for any or all of the individual strategies included in Your Wealth Strategy strategic plan.

With detailed Statements of Advice in place, your Financial Adviser will work with you to implement them through the Your Wealth Strategy platform and continue to support you as your life progresses.

Once your Financial Adviser sends you an invitation to start on Your Wealth Strategy, you are ready to start taking control of your financial future.

Depending on your access to your financial information, you could complete the onboarding component of Your Wealth Strategy in days, or it could be weeks, instead of the non-digital process which could take many months. It’s in your hands.

During the digital on-boarding process you will be encouraged to upload financial and personal documents relevant to the section you are completing.

This is a provided benefit for you, so your documents are secure and accessible in one place.

Your Wealth Strategy data is securely stored on Amazon S3 servers which provide a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage. You can read more information about Amazon data storage in our Privacy Policy.

None of the client, or adviser information or documentation is available to, or accessible by Your Wealth Strategy or Your Wealth Vault employees.

Your Wealth Strategy is a digital platform that builds a compliant financial strategy for you, the client, using an online knowledge-based fact-finding process. It does not provide ‘Robo Advice’. Your Adviser prepares and provides your Strategy Advice and Statements of Advice, utilising the step-by-step process that Your Wealth Strategy platform provides.

Your Financial Adviser is an integral part of Your Wealth Strategy.

Your Wealth Strategy is a product of Your Wealth Vault Pty Ltd which is an independently owned company with no association with any financial institution. Your Wealth Vault was founded in 2015 by Karen Vickers, a career Financial Adviser.

If you have a problem accessing the website, you can contact Your Wealth Vault via email or phone links on our website, or your financial adviser.